Raleigh Infectious Diseases Associates, PA

Infusion Services


Raleigh Infectious Diseases Associates offers an office-based infusion program which focuses on providing comprehensive infusion therapy in an office setting.  Patients often find that outpatient treatment is preferable to being admitted to the hospital as it often allows patients to proceed with their normal daily routines.  Our new suite improves our ability to provide treatment in a comfortable and caring environment. 


Our infusion services provides pharmacy and nursing services with direct supervision by our physicians.  Treatment usually involves daily administration of IV antibiotics. Obtaining lab results on a regular basis is important during therapy to determine the effectiveness of treatment  as well as monitoring for side effects which may be caused by medications.  Our staff is constantly monitoring your progress and trained to identify and treat any complications of therapy.


The infusion center is open daily and provides a safe and reliable option for patients requiring IV therapy.  Nurses are available at any time to answer your questions or concerns regarding infusion.



To contact our Infusion Center call  919-571-1567 ext 3


Fax: 919-510-4585