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Raleigh Infectious Diseases Associates, PA

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Phone  919-571-1567

Fax  919-782-1472

Office Hours:  Monday thru Friday  8:00am - 5:00pm

The Patient Portal provides online access to your medical records and  offers an efficient means of communicating non-urgent issues with our office. Many tasks that used to be done with phone calls are now being replaced with secure messaging. 
Services include:
  • On-Line Appointment Request, Cancellation or Rescheduling
  • Refill Request
  • Secure Communications with our staff
  • Lab Orders and Results
  • Patient Statements and Online payment
  • Request and Review your Medical Record
Effective 8/1/2013, we will no longer mail appointment reminders. Please enroll in our Patient Portal for appointment information.

Flu Vaccine is available now.

Please contact our office to schedule your Flu Vaccine.

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New Patients:

We assist referring physicians in the management of acute and chronic infectious diseases.  New patient appointments may be scheduled upon referral from your physician. 

Coding Changes may affect your Test Orders

Effective October 1, 2015, all Test and Lab Orders will require NEW diagnosis codes.  The new codes are needed by most insurances to process claims and pay for tests completed after October 1.

If you received lab orders prior to October 1, your orders must be changed or updated by our office so that your insurance may pay for your services.

Please contact our office for updated orders to eliminate confusion and avoid delays at the Lab  or hospitals.  We prefer that you use the Patient Portal to COMPOSE A MESSAGE  to our nurses requesting assistance.  They can provide you with updated orders or further direction.  

Raleigh ID will Participate in the NC Health Information Exchange

NC HIE provides a secure statewide network, called a health information exchange (HIE), for doctors and other health care providers in North Carolina to share important patient health information and improve patient care.   We've always shared information with other providers when needed to support patient care, but NC HIE makes it easier, faster and more secure. Research has shown that using a network like this will help improve care quality and safety, reduce medical errors, and lead to lower health care costs.
Patients do not have to participate in this system and can choose to opt-out by calling NC HIE toll free at 855-926-1042 or filling out and mailing in the opt out form available at www.nchie.org or available in our office. For more information, visit NC HIE’s website at www.nchie.org.